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Power your construction projects with technology

Game-changing technology & tools for the construction industry and any businesses with complex processes seeking to improve workflow & costing with a high level of accuracy, efficiency & transparency not possible with traditional methods.
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Intelligence & automation for
Increased efficiency and precision

TCOST is a powerful software, a collaborative platform, and a marketplace. Access an advanced data infrastructure and ecosystem of industry partners and collaborators. Elevate your project management with intelligent and powerful TCOST management tools. Gain better control over project costs and performance.

A unique & innovative collaboration platform

TCOST is an innovative 100% cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service), connecting off-site and on-site construction stakeholders to automate, simplify and better plan resources, tasks, and construction project processes. The goal is to identify blind spots, gain real-time visibility into costs, schedules, and return on investment for projects.

A know-how safety box and project protocol

TCOST is a powerful intelligent business system enabling a product, task and process infrastructure with infinite capabilities for smart and dynamic product assemblies, templates and configurations. Seal and protect your business know-how in an ultra-flexible, reliable, and secure system.


A marketplace for real-time cost tracking

TCOST transforms into a geolocated marketplace bringing together prefabricated construction systems, building materials and assemblies with real-time costs and transactional capabilities for residential, commercial, and institutional construction markets, catering to B2C, B2B, B2G and more.


Automated project management tools

TCOST is an intelligent infrastructure of products, data and processes that uniquely integrates sales and quotation processes, cascading all the way to prefabrication and on-site installation. TCOST optimizes off-site and on-site construction workflows and decision-making processes.

Connecting 3D design, 3D and 2D prefabrication, construction & distribution

Off-site construction seamlessly connects to on-site construction in a comprehensive integrated technological workflow. Import project information into TCOST. Automate processes from design to factory prefabrication to on-site installation. Establish your collaborative ecosystem of partners. Enhance operational efficiency and speed.


3D building and project data & information modelisation


The missing link between off-site construction and on-site construction

Off-site construction

Materials, tasks, factory lead times - Before delivery to the construction site

On-site construction

Materials, tasks, construction time - During on-site installation time

Generate actual and total costs
vs estimates

Today's technology enables the knowledge of real project costs based on actual data and specifications. Stop the guesswork in project estimate. Prevent costing errors. Rely on a modern quotation protocol. Master off-site and on-site costs.
Like never before. Start costing for profit.

Infinite capacity for configurations

For various levels of business complexity
Facilitates the management of complex projects involving a multitude of moving parts and tasks. Enables the calculation of actual and true costs. Enables to quote with confidence. To stay on track, on budget, on time with project schedules.
An infinite number of product DNAs and SKUs
An infinite number of templates and configurations
An infinite number of tasks, jobs, time, costs
Infinite possibilities for customization

Intelligent data infrastructure

Adaptable to all industries
Protect your know-how. Maintain your business agility at all times even when staffing and varying knowledge levels can impact your operations and customer service. Implement a sales and quoting protocol to minimize costly mistakes and beginner errors.
Configurable according to your industry
Customizable based on your business rules
Precoded assembly and sub-assembly formulas
Protected and reliable formulas

Intelligent and dynamic updates
in just a few clicks

Make small or large changes to your quotes with project updates cascading through automatically end-to-end. Implement a dynamic quoting system. No more unsecured spreadsheets that everyone reinvents for each project. Calculate precise and accurate project costs. Integrate intelligent management tools. Manage in complete modernity.

Reliable and secure all-in-one sales and quoting protocol

Stop reinventing the wheel for each project
Minimize errors and lack of technical knowledge
Present reliable quotes based on real and total costs
Transition from quote to production quickly
Facilitate scenarios and closing of sales
Easy to use for both entry level and high level professionals

Intelligent Question and Answer (Q&A) Interface

Comprehensive construction knowledge built-in
Visually illustrated product categories and choices
Dynamic product selection
Proposed default values
Predefined specification matches
Configured to prevent errors
Predefined elements for future use

Predefined or Custom Templates

Preconfigured filters based on product conditions
Predefined product choices and default values
Predefined or customizable product assemblies
Programmed by industry professionals

Quick Quantity Takeoff (QTO)

Facilitates easy and accurate transfer of drawing dimensions into question and answer fields
Drawing dimensions convert into precise production dimensions

Packed fulll with efficient and automated features

Track your construction costs off-site and on-site. Update project quotation quickly, accurately and flexibility in just a few seconds. Achieve productivity gains.

Automated and integrated technical data sheets and warranties

Automated project loading list

Automated quotes for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers

Automated inventory management

Automated works, schedules and suppliers & trades' invoicing

Project perspectives and reports

Automated calculation of greenhouse gas emissions - coming soon

And much more

Join the new era in construction.

Explore TCOST. For construction projects. On-cost, on-budget, on-time all the time

Project planning and management Integrated tools

Track your off-site manufacturing costs and on-site construction costs in a modern new way. Gain in-depth insights into the actual performance of your projects. Analyze and introspect & time-consuming activities. Structure and automate your construction and project operations like never before.

Off-site construction planning & production tools

Task, time and production labor segmentation
Production work & time planning
Work order and time sheets
Automated purchase orders and invoicing
Automated quotes from 3 suppliers/contractors
Automated Loading Manifest
Integration a % for contingency
Gantt chart and time analysis
Task Tracking
Time Tracking S
Cost Tracking

On-site Project Management and Planning Tools

Work and Trade Segmentation percentage
Planning and Scheduling for Jobs and Trades
Coordination of on-site work and trades, including timesheets
Automated purchase orders for jobs and trades
Progressive billing for jobs and trades
Notifications and reminders for work schedules.
Gantt chart and overall time analysis
Workflow analysis for job tasks
Incorporate a % for contingencies
Task Tracking
Time Tracking
Cost Tracking

Off-site construction costs

Cost breakdown by task
Cost by direct and indirect goods
Accurate cost of direct and indirect labor
Real-time production tracking and return on investment monitoring
Real-time return on investment tracking
Insights, KPIs, and Reporting
Incorporate a % for contingencies
True Costs
True Margins
True ROI
True Workflow

On-site construction costs

Cost breakdown of by trades/subcontractors.
Costs of direct and indirect trades/subcontractors.
Accurate cost of trades & subcontracting
Tracking of ongoing work and costs
Real-time return on investment tracking.
Insights, KPI et reporting
Incorporate a % for contingencies
True Costs
True Margins
True ROI
True Workflow

Intelligent, reliable and secure for your construction projects

Integrate greater accuracy into your project quotes. Generate profitable quotes every quote. Enhance customer service and workflow. Increase efficiency. Secure profit margins. Implement a safety net to ensure profitability.

Data Security

The security of your virtual data is our priority. We use various strategies to ensure compliance with current privacy standards and regulations.
One database and server per user
100% cloud-based hosting
Maintain complete control over user access
Ability to restore previous project versions

Customer Support

Every interaction is a valuable opportunity to understand and address the unique needs of our clients. This translates into our commitment to providing quick, efficient, and personalized solutions.
Training and Tutorials
Technical Support
Programming Strategy
Tailored and Customizable Integration Intégration

All-in-One Integrated Sales and Quotation

Increase efficiency and precision in your day-to-day tasks and customer relations by merging technical quotes and sales in our user-friendly question-and-answer interface.
Enhanced accuracy in your quotes for greater profitability
Integrate technical data sheets and warranties
Simplify comparative scenarios and closing of sales
Predefined elements for future use

Design & Architecture

TCOST is the missing link between design/collaboration software and off-site prefabrication and on-site construction for quality projects that respect to budgets and accelerated timelines.
BIM/Revit, Cadwork, Autocad compatible
ERP and MRP possible intégration
Power BI possible integration
Fully customizable
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